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Chris Klein

kleinChris Klein is a Contributing Editor with BANK tech-trends, who has been involved in the Banking, ATM and Self-Service industries for over 30 years and has worked for BankAtlantic and First Citizen's Bank. His experience includes hardware and software sales, sales management, project management, consulting services, and management of several ATM networks. During his carrier he has been actively involved in the development and implementation of new technologies and business applications relating to self-service and his accomplishments have been noted in industry publications such as American Banker, US Banker, Bank Systems & Technology, ATM & Debit news and more. He has been on the editorial Advisory Board of Transaction Trends magazine and has presented on a variety of topics at number of industry conferences.

In addition to his role with BANK tech-trends, Chris is a marketing and technology consultant. Prior to this he was Executive Vice President of Marketing at Mosaic Software and has held management positions with M&I Software Development Corporation and NCR.

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