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Thomas Wright

Tom is the Publisher of the BANK tech-trends newsletter and has over twenty years computer industry experience including consulting and project management experience as well as a technical support and training background. While working for Citibank, MCI, and Microsoft, Tom technically managed large and complex IT projects such as an Internet home banking rollout, a data warehousing project, and CD ROM statements to Internet conversion. Additionally, he has provided consulting, training and technical support to numerous small businesses, governmental agencies and financial institutions. He holds a BA from the University of California at Santa Cruz, a Diploma from the Denver Institute of Technology and a Certificate in Computer Applications from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

In addition to his duties as Publisher of BANK tech-trends, Tom is the Publisher of BANK tech-trend's sister publication Credit Union tech-talk ( Tom also has written articles for numerous other magazines, including ATM&Debit News, Kiosk Business Magazine, the Federal Credit Union Magazine, Transactions Trends Magazine and the ABA Journal.

He has also spoken at many conferences and technology trade shows: the Bank Administration Institute (BAI) Technology Conference, the New Mexico Credit Union League Call Center Conference, CU InfoTech Spring and Fall Conferences, the Washington Credit Union League Technology Conference, the Credit Union Executive Society (CUES) Annual Meeting, Financial & Security Products Association Conference, Financial Technology Solutions International Technology Forum, Harland Financial Solutions' Annual Conference, and the Association for Financial Technology Annual Meeting.

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