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April 10, 2017


Hardware News

The Unitrends Recovery Series v9.3 appliances include new enhancements: Ransomware Detection, Self-Service for application owners and Distributed Enterprise Manager. The appliances recognize and alert administrators of abnormal data change rates. These all-in-one backup appliances are written in hardened-Linux and include automatic trial recoveries that help discover issues and help ensure files, settings, applications and data are available for instant emergency launches.

March Networks announced its new 9000 Series IP Recorders are available in 32, 48 and 64-channel models. The recorders support high-megapixel, high-throughput video capture, and run a customized embedded Linux OS, which eliminates unnecessary background services and frequent system updates. Other features include diagnostic LEDs for each hard-drive, internal battery backup, and real-time system health monitoring. 


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Software Updates

Paragon Protect and Restore VM Copy Tool is a handy ad-hoc backup and migration tool for vSphere. The complimentary software fully encapsulates the target VM, including its current state, all available snapshots, and connected external devices. It still does the job even if you don`t use clusters or shared storage and your VMware license doesn`t allow utilizing vMotion technology. To help minimize network traffic and the target storage requirements, contents of the target machine are double compressed during the process: when creating data streams and then by archiving these streams into a .zip file. To avoid unauthorized access, all VM files are not exported as they are, but as a set of secured data containers with GUID names.

ManageEngine announced the addition of two-factor authentication (2FA) support in ADManager Plus, its Active Directory (AD) management and reporting solution. The company also announced the addition of user provisioning in the ADManager Plus iOS app. The addition of 2FA support establishes an extra layer of security around ADManager Plus logins while user provisioning support makes the iOS app a complete user life cycle management tool for on-the-go AD admins. ADManager Plus offers the flexibility of using Duo Security, Google Authenticator or a one-time password via email to provide the second factor for authentication.


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Diebold Nixdorf has introduced the 'Essence' of future ATMs. Taking a que from what smartphone users are accustomed to, it supports swipe, scroll and smart zoom. The Essence Concept features:

- Clean design: A seamless profile, antimicrobial glass touchscreen display.

- Increased security: In addition to the encrypted touchscreen PIN entry and NFC authentication option, the magnetic stripe card reader found on traditional ATMs has been replaced with an EMV chip card reader.

- Customization: An array of customizable colors and designs and electronic receipt capabilities.

- Miniaturized footprint: The design eliminates the traditional magnetic stripe card reader, receipt printer and PIN pad.

The IFX Forum announced that it has published Version 1.9.1 of the IFX specification which accommodates changes in ATM processing. Release 1.9.1 includes two new features. The first introduces functionality for remote key loading compliant with the requirements recently introduced by the PCI Security Standards Council, which are to be rolled out in 2017. The second feature provides new mechanisms to support dynamic currency conversion, which provides the user of an ATM with information about the cost of a currency conversion in advance of the transaction, so that the user can choose to complete or abandon the transaction.

ABC Currency Solutions, in partnership with KICTeam, announced the completion of a five month field test cleaning program for ATMs. The testing was conducted with field techs on targeted devices over the holidays and winter months to capitalize on high device usage and extreme weather conditions. Results demonstrated that regular cleaning of deposit automation modules and card readers showed a 35% reduction in corrective action service calls and a significant improvement in ATM uptime.


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Wireless World

Only 8% of consumers were able to open an account of any kind entirely in the mobile channel, according to a recent Javelin consumer survey. In an effort to boost their mobile onboarding numbers, BMO partnered with GMC Software to develop a workflow that would allow a consumer to open an account on a smartphone in eight minutes from start to finish. The solution uses mobile-optimized digital forms and sends the completed app to a private cloud. Once the process is completed, it automatically signs them up for online banking and sends them a debit card - there is never any face to face interactions needed.

According to a recent report from Mercator Advisory Group, 30% adults would feel comfortable using a voice-activated conversational interface provided by their FI to pay a bill or make other banking transactions by speaking to this interface and providing verbal instructions. After surveying 3,000 U.S. adults with banking relationships, Mercator found that young adults and high-income earners are especially interested in using such an interface.


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Security Section

More than 15 million people were affected by identity fraud in the U.S. last year, according to a recent study by Javelin Strategy & Research. Other disturbing findings include:

- The amount fraudsters took increased by nearly one billion dollars, totaling about $16 billion

- Identity fraud incidence rate increased by 16%, a record high since the company began tracking identity fraud in 2003

- Scammers added two million more victims last year, compared to 2015

- There was a 40 percent in card-not-present (CNP) fraud

CounterTack, an Endpoint Threat Platform (ETP) provider, announced the availability of its data loss prevention (DLP) technology. The company says that the new DLP capabilities give them the ability to extend contextual endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities to identify sensitive data paths, and to actively inspect content whether at-rest or in motion. They add that behavioral analysis at the core gives their approach a new twist in identifying sensitive data and minimizing data loss beyond threat detection.


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Leaders Roundtable


Battling Security Fatigue – Working Towards Usable Security


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Technology and Marketing

Neener Analytics provides regulatory compliant social media analytics that deliver specific individual risk outcomes for thin-file, no-file, and credit-challenged consumers. The firm claims that from a single social media profile, they can not only predict or project a correlated Fico score with an accuracy of almost 80%, but also likelihood of default, risk attitude, patience/impatience, and veracity. The platform uses social media to help decision people based on the content of their character.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

A survey of 430 financial institutions in the Western United States conducted by WesPay, the trade association for electronic payments compliance and operational sound practices, found awareness and adoption of faster payments solutions among its members remains low. For Same Day ACH, a majority (57%) of respondents indicated that the September 2016 implementation of faster credits “has had no measurable impact on our customers` transactions.” When asked about the Federal Reserve Faster Payment Task Force, 34% indicated they were unaware of the initiative and 46% indicated that they had only high-level knowledge. Meanwhile, a significant majority (60%) of respondents replied that faster payments initiatives are “an important development in the industry, however, our institution will be watching to see which platform becomes the standard.”

A recent report by BI Intelligence suggests that chatbots could save billions in salary expenditures for FIs in the future. The note that improvements in AI (artificial intelligence) have enabled chatbot makers to create more effective automated responses. They also point out that while chat is a popular online activity, chatbots are particularly well suited for mobile interactions and can lend themselves to voice control.


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Internet Access

The top four vendors in the collaboration market are Cisco, Microsoft, IBM and Avaya, according new Q4 data from Synergy Research Group. The firm added that other major players in the market include AT&T, Verizon, Citrix, Polycom, Mitel, UNIFY and ALE. Total revenues from collaboration - which includes enterprise voice, UC applications, telepresence, email software, enterprise content management, enterprise social networks and a range of hosted/cloud communications and applications - again topped the $9 billion mark and were close to their all-time high.

Silver Peak`s new Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution attempts to bring the concept of the “thin branch” to life. It comes with a new feature dubbed First-packet iQ that inspects the first packet and then automatically sends the traffic internally to the data center or externally to the Internet. The appliance includes SD-WAN, WAN optimization, a stateful firewall and BGP routing.


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Call Centers

Some contact center experts recommend that call scoring evaluation forms shouldn`t take longer to score than the call and that the form consist of about 10 and 20 questions. Deciding what to measure can be tricky, but inContact, a NICE company, has come up with a modified version of SMART:

S – Strategic: does it matter, or need improvement?

M – Measurable: is it quantifiable?

A – Aligned: is it aligned with corporate goals?

R – Results-based: will it drive the behavior?

T – Timely: is this still important?


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