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February 20, 2017

Hardware News

The pre-personalized cards in inventory at your branch are like money — highly valuable and need to be managed in compliance with current PCI DSS security requirements to meet all Visa and MasterCard instant issuance guidelines. AllStar Card Systems offers three options for tracking EMV cards for instant issuing:

- the handheld EMP1100C card counter for the branch

- the countertop EMP1200P card counter/dispenser for regional headquarters

- the tabletop JC-3200 counter for central logistics facilities

TAPs allow IT Departments to access data throughout their networks, ensuring the data is forwarded to the right monitoring and analysis tools. Network engineers rely on TAPs to analyze network data and diagnose and debug problems faster. TAPs offer an uncensored view of all network traffic and are an integral part of the network monitoring architecture. APCON is one vendor that offers TAPs: ApconTaps are available in a variety of speeds including 1G, 10G, and the new 40G and 100G in single mode, multi-mode and bidirectional configurations to accommodate virtually any size network deployment. 


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Software Updates

Some IT Departments use commercial packages like Visio for diagramming their networks, but no-cost versions are available on the Internet. All of the following tools featured offer a free option, or at the very least a free trial, that will let you diagram one or more networks, save it online, collaborate live, or export it as a PDF or image file:


- Creately

- Lucidchart

- Cacoo

- yEd Live

WPS Office PDF to Word Converter converts PDF files into Word documents in seconds, for Windows and Android. The utility can convert and output back with one key. Plus, a wide range of output file formats are supported, including RTF, Native DOC, MS Word-DOC, MS Word-DOCX. You can select the desired format when saving, and a freeware version is available.


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NCR has unveiled its new NCR SelfServ 80 Series, a family of ATMs that includes a large, 19-inch multi-touch display that drives tablet-like interactions, where customers can swipe, pinch and zoom their way quickly through transactions. The company says that built-in video banking also enables banks to offer high-touch, personalized service, where customers can be assisted by a live teller right at the ATM. The design comes with customizable, color-coded media entry and exit indicators, and a 10-cassette cash dispense capability.

Aurionpro Solutions, a provider of enterprise security and banking solutions, has expanded its Branch-in-a-Box range with a virtual teller machine. They say that their Virtual Teller Machine is a fully integrated self-service kiosk capable of automating 90 % of banking transactions at a branch. Enhanced with interactive video telephony and multimodal biometrics, the VTM helps migrate routine transactions like e-KYC, account opening, cash and check deposit, and personalized instant card issuance and activation.


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Wireless World

According to the Mobile Ecosystem Forum's recent Mobile Money Report, 61% of people use their mobile phone to carry out banking activities. Almost half use a dedicated app, and unsurprisingly the most common activity within a mobile banking app is to check balances. However, consumers are also more comfortable with paying bills in an app — with 29% doing so in 2016 compared to 20% in 2014. Person to person payments went up as well, with 22% sending money to other people through an app.

Celent has released a new report titled "A Survey of Retail Banking Channel Systems in North America: Omnichannel Emerges" that shows that spending priorities since 2010 have steadily shifted from physical to digital channels. Mobile is now broadly the highest channel priority among the majority of institutions. “Mobile banking platform competitiveness is now most every institution`s top technology priority — and rightly so. This is evident in the pace of new mobile banking capabilities being introduced,” commented report author Bob Meara. However, he notes that "fully half of surveyed institutions don`t have an individual or group tasked with omnichannel delivery and have no strategy yet in place to bring it about.”


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Security Section

Ntrepid Corporation`s secure isolated browser, Passages, helps protect organizations from Web-based attacks, including Web-delivered malware, watering hole attacks, spear phishing, passive information leakage, and drive-by downloads. It isolates the browser in a secure virtual machine and at the end of every browsing session, or any time the user desires, this virtual machine is completely destroyed along with any malware that may have been encountered. Additionally, Passages hides user identity and corporate affiliation, significantly reducing the ability of adversaries to conduct targeted social engineering attacks.

Cybereason unveiled a new Endpoint Security Platform that includes next-generation antivirus (NGAV) functionality at RSA Conference 2017 in San Francisco. The company believes the key to stopping adversaries is behavioral analysis that enables early detection and response, and that detection is the driving force enabling all other security activities to take place, including execution prevention, blocking, investigation, forensics and response.


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Leaders Roundtable


Battling Security Fatigue – Working Towards Usable Security



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Technology and Marketing

Mobile marketing proponents contend that this method is a cost-effective way to reach lots of younger consumers in an immediate, interactive way that builds brand loyalty and leads to higher conversion rates. In order to do this, banks must leverage the native functionality of phones and tablets to deliver messages (open an account, transfer a balance, increase a credit line, etc.) to customers via:

- Text messages (SMS)

- Multimedia messages (MMS)

- Push notifications

- Geolocation marketing


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

PTDL Group, a group of financial institutions and prominent market infrastructures players from all regions of the globe, commissioned research amongst its customers, which revealed that 48% believe blockchain will become adopted in the financial post-trade area within three to five years, and 29% expect this to happen within the next one to two years. Other key findings include:

· Research reveals top three benefits of blockchain in the post trade area are operational cost savings (81% of respondents said this), reduced settlement cycles (67%) and transparency (43%)

· 20% of respondents said that the strategic importance of blockchain was ‘very high` in their own organization and 34% said it was ‘high`. Only 7% said it was low

· 78% said industry adoption remained the biggest obstacle to implementing blockchain in a wider post trade industry context. 56% cited regulation and 51% said concerns around confidentiality. 49% said a lack of standardization

In a related story, Microsoft and KPMG announced the opening of new innovation workshops focused on blockchain development dubbed "Blockchain Nodes." The workspaces are intended to serve as hubs for collaborative work on use cases, particularly those focused on financial applications. KPMG competitor Deloitte has already opened blockchain labs, while IBM has launched a network of "garages," in part to develop applications of the technology.


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Internet Access

Amazon Web Services now includes a module called Amazon Chime, a new service that is designed to compete with the likes of WebEx, Skype for Business and GoToMeeting. It supports native applications for Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android. Chime complements Amazon's WorkSpaces cloud virtual desktop as a service offering, as well as AWS`s WorkDocs office suite, WorkMail email service and QuickSight business intelligence service. The service will be available in three pricing tiers. Basic offers users one-on-one voice and video calls, plus group chat capabilities. Plus costs $2.50 per user per month, and adds support for screen sharing and integration with identity management systems through SAML and Active Directory.

Crestron has introduced a new table-top meeting room system dubbed Crestron Mercury. The company claims that Mercury is an all-in-one console that transforms meeting rooms into highly effective collaboration spaces. Mercury enables users to securely present content wirelessly on the room display from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet using built-in Crestron AirMedia. Workers collaborate with co-workers via Crestron Mercury from a laptop or dedicated in-room PC using any soft phone, Web conferencing or UC application, such as Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx, GotoMeeting, or Slack.


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Call Centers

Masergy Communications calls their Cloud Contact Center platform the next generation in customer interaction solutions because it provides an omnichannel system (voice, Web chat, SMS, email, Twitter), along with predictive analytics. The new Cloud Contact Center is an extension of Masergy`s Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) solution, and dynamically determines how best to route each interaction based on predictive analytics. It includes browser-based analytics for segmenting, profiling and visualizing all automated call distribution, voice response, and CRM.


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