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February 6, 2017


Hardware News

F5's Herculon DDoS Hybrid Defender is a dedicated, on-premises appliance that, combined with native, cloud-based scrubbing services, delivers a comprehensive DDoS threat solution with improved mitigation time. The company claims that their DDoS Hybrid Defender is the only multi-layered defense that protects against blended network attacks and sophisticated application attacks, while enabling full SSL decryption, anti-bot capabilities, and advanced detection methods in one appliance.

Multifunctional printers that print, fax, scan and copy are available from many manufacturers such as Brother, Epson, HP and Xerox. These all-in-one printers generally range in price from $200 to $400. If security is top of mind, you may want to consider the Xerox WorkCentre 6027 that is a durable laser printer that creates attractive color and black-and-white prints. Its security features include IP filtering, secure data transfers and junk fax filtering. 


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Software Updates

Cisco's Tetration solution is designed to help customers better understand application performance and improve data center security. They just announced the next version of Tetration Analytics, which is focused at providing security at the application layer. Cisco also released some new deployment options to make it easier for customers to get started with Tetration. With the latest version, policies can be enforced on any type of infrastructure, including virtual machines, bare metal servers, public cloud or private cloud across any vendor`s infrastructure. The continuous monitoring of applications` behavior and the ability to quickly spot deviations that could cause performance problems or indicate a breach are two big reasons to deploy the platform.

SAP announced the latest release of their Omnichannel Banking platform. With more than 500 available microservices, the new digital banking solution helps banks build responsive mobile, tablet and desktop apps. The solution can be deployed on premise or in the cloud and supports both retail and commercial banking. They note that the modular architecture of SAP Omnichannel Banking enables banks to roll out new products and services in an incremental fashion, without disrupting existing functionality.


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Research from RBR shows the number of ATM cash withdrawals worldwide grew by 10% in 2015, the fastest rate since 2011. The international research and consulting firm states that 99 billion cash withdrawals were made worldwide in 2015. In America, where an increase in surcharges had contributed to a decline in withdrawal volumes over a number of years, transaction levels actually rose as well.

The Argo is the latest ATM from Triton and the line includes five different models that feature an updated, next-generation design with added elements of security, larger screens, and easier-to-read keypads or touchscreen options. Some models are also available in an eco-friendly, printer-less mode. New design features include larger wings for added PIN security, improved dispenser security, touchscreen options, and blue LED-lighted keypads for better visibility of transactions.


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Wireless World

Much of the innovation in Wi-Fi is now happening in software and cloud management. For example, Aerohive offers their cloud management portal, HiveManager Connect at no cost but they offer an upgrade path to a paid version of Hive Manager called Select. This version has everything in Connect, plus an advanced management suite, which includes client/device monitoring, network policies, switch and router management, and application visibility. For larger organizations, Aerohive offers Insight which is an API platform that enables customers to integrate the Wi-Fi into applications and gather data and analyze it.

Turkey's ISbank's mobile banking app claims to be the 'first app' to combine banking and stock exchange transactions through one banking app. Mobile bankers can buy and sell stocks and warrants, monitor real time prices, and view depth and volume information. Users can perform technical analysis and make investment decisions according to latest market news. Real-time data feeds are streamed free-of-charge to the app, with Level I and Level II data relating to the best ten bid and ask prices available for a fee.


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Security Section

According to the 2016 Data Breach Report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, financial institutions saw a 26% decline in data breaches in 2016. However, the bad news is that data breaches as a whole increased significantly: data breaches rose by 40% last year. One of the authors of the report attributed the decline in FI breaches to "the more effective regulatory environment in financial services.”

In a related story, Javelin Strategy & Research says that identity fraud hit an all-time high in 2016, affecting some 15.4 million Americans. That represents an 18% increase from 2015 and represents a one-third increase from the 11.6 million identity thefts in 2010. Somewhat surprisingly, the research firm found that card fraud was up across the board, whether card-not-present or point of sale. They note that takeovers of mobile-phone accounts and harvesting of information casually posted by consumers on social media are contributing to the rise identity thefts.

Firewalls, VLANs and ACLs have traditionally been used for network segmentation, but now companies such as Illumio and VMware are extending segmentation to applications, workloads and users. Illumio`s main product is its Adaptive Security Platform and it supports cloud platforms from Cisco, Arista, AWS and Microsoft Azure. Illumio`s software helps automate security policies across an organization and some observers characterize the company as the first vendor that can do user, coarse-grained, nano- and micro-segmentation.


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Leaders Roundtable


Battling Security Fatigue – Working Towards Usable Security



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Technology and Marketing

According to a survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 80% of all marketing executives say that their organizations will need to undergo dramatic changes in order to keep up with increased technical and consumer demands. They note that the top two areas of skill development in their organizations are in the areas of marketing operations/technology and digital engagement. Two other interesting statistics from the survey include:

- 68% of marketers feel they are viewed as a cost center today

- in three to five years, 80% of marketers say they will be seen as driving revenue


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

While online and mobile banking usage continue to move upward at many banks, the growth in bill payment services is not as steady. Competition from retailers is an issue because many of them offer bill pay services directly from their websites and mobile apps, and those services may include sophisticated features such as alerts and rewards points. Meanwhile, some P2P (person to person) payments are actually being used to pay bills thus blurring the line between the two options. In response, some vendors have begun to offer bill payment, P2P and money-transfer capabilities in a single combined solution.

Signicat is a provider of electronic identity and electronic signature solutions that help banks onboard customers. They provide eID and digital signing of documents in one integrated process that are compliant with Privacy, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. They offer four modules: Assure (secure validation); Connect (secure access to business apps); Sign (e-signatures of documents); and Preserve (archiving re-sealing of documents).


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Internet Access

Webpass, a wireless ISP that operates its own Ethernet network utilizing both fiber optics and point-to-point wireless, is part of Google Fiber. Due to the fact that wireless deployments are less expensive than physically laying fiber in most instances, some analysts believe that Google Fiber might be switching its strategy away from fiber to the home (FTTH), in exchange for a wireless-first approach. Webpass doesn't offer just gigabit service - the provider offers speeds as low as 10 Mbps, geared toward multi-tenant buildings. However wireless Internet access is rapidly expanding; case in point, AT&T and SpaceX have both begun plans to provide their own wireless, high-speed Internet services.

A load balancer is an appliance that distributes application traffic over a variety of servers. However, load balancing can be virtualized and increasing it is being handled by software as opposed to devices. For example, Avi Networks' platform runs on x86 servers, virtual machines or containers with the goal of creating a dynamic pool of resources and then automating those resources for the best outcomes possible.


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Call Centers

Call center agents consistently rate noise as having the biggest negative impact on their productivity which is why many headset manufacturers focus a lot of their engineering efforts on noise reduction. Jabra is one company that works hard to include noise reduction technology into both their corded and wireless headsets. They also offer their Jabra CC Agent App which helps Cisco Finesse Call Center agents work more efficiently, by enabling frequently used call features to be easily controlled from the agents Jabra headset control box on Jabra BIZ 2300, Jabra BIZ 2400II and Jabra Link 260. Agents are able to control these three Finesse softphone features directly from their Jabra headset control boxes:

- Ready/Not Ready state (toggle)

- Record Call

- Sign off


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