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March 6, 2017


Hardware News

Hewlett-Packard's new Pro X2 612 G2 is a detachable 2-in-1 laptop that looks to compete with Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. Starting at just under $1000, the 12 inch laptop is tested to withstand drops, dust and shocks, in line with the military STD810G standards. You can remove the backside to access all your internal components and HP claims that its fan-less design will last up to 11 hours on a charge, and will power up 50 percent within a half-hour. For security, the Pro X2 offers a self-healing safeguard that protects against BIOS attacks. It also has a built-in smart card reader and NFC sensor, and comes preloaded with HP's own security software.

Transition Networks provides Smart PoE+ enterprise switches with Device Management System features to help cost-effectively operate IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, and other devices. The SMxxTAT2SA line comes in three models: 8, 16 and 24-port switches that can automatically discover and remotely configure attached IP-addressable powered devices. They support topology, floor, and Google Maps view for simplified management of devices, and Auto Power Reset monitors and automatically restarts edge devices. 


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Software Updates

Microsoft`s Windows Server offers a viable alternative to VMware for virtualization and it is less expensive than VMware — especially with Microsoft offering incentives on licensing. Plus Windows Server 2016 includes Nano Server, which has the smallest footprint of any Microsoft server operating system, which brings major benefits from a deployment and security perspective. Some IT Departments use a V2V migration tool to help with the transition. One option is 5nine V2V Converter which the company says provides fast and easy migration of VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V. is a company that has developed Artificial Intelligence-based software that dials into your conference calls and takes notes for you. The program records the meeting, then uses AI to format the conversation into organized notes - it can even can label and list next steps, to-do items and other note-taking conventions. The company claims that all of your information is stored in physically secure locations and encrypted.


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Puloon USA and Puloon Technology announced the expansion of ATM sales to the U.S. market. Puloon is a leading supplier of ATMs to the Korean market and its US launch will consist of two models: the Sirius I and Sirius II. The Sirius I measures just 1`2” x 1`10” and comes standard with an eight inch screen, a touch screen option, a UL291 business hour safe, an e-lock, and is ADA, EMV and PCI compliant. The Sirius 1 comes standard with a 1,000 note removable cassette and can hold up to 8,000 notes. The Sirius II includes an option for a barcode reader and a 15” high resolution screen with a touch screen option.

March Networks announced their new MegaPX Modular ATM Camera that they say provides banks with better video evidence. It delivers 3MP images and a 3-foot vertical view of ATM users in all lighting conditions. Available with a 2.8mm standard lens, the camera`s wide field-of-view records ATM users from the waist up rather than just capturing faces to provide more comprehensive video evidence. In addition, the camera can be configured to auto-correct images recorded behind tinted ATM glass enclosures.

The ATMIA has published a new briefing paper on the threats of cyber-crime facing the ATM industry. Entitled “ATM Cyber Security Briefing Paper”, the study describes today`s range of cyber attacks and references security best practices required to combat them.


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Wireless World

After surveying around 3,000 consumers via Harris Poll, Fiserv unsurprisingly found that millennials lead in frequency of mobile banking use by a significant margin: over a 30-day period, millennials used mobile banking 8.5 times on average versus 3.1 times for non-millennials. The survey also found that security remains top of mind for all mobile bankers as evidenced by these statistics:

- 65% want security programs to safeguard mobile activity

- 58% want biometrics to replace passwords and PINs for online and mobile banking

The D4 Secure Platform from Cog Systems starts up before an Android phone's operating system, intercepting and encrypting every byte sent to or from the flash memory or the network interface. Largely transparent to the user, it includes a Type 1 hypervisor, a virtualized VPN and additional storage encryption that wrap the standard Android OS in additional layers of protection. The company claims that their modified version of HTC's A9 smartphone is the world's most secure smartphone, although they note that their platform can be added to almost any Android phone with an ARM processor.


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Security Section

The latest quarterly ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report shows 1 million cyberattacks targeted online lending transactions throughout 2016, causing estimated losses of more than $10 billion. The number of attacks specifically targeting alternative lending increased by 150 percent quarter-over-quarter in the fourth quarter of 2016, while ThreatMetrix says it detected 80 million attacks using fake or stolen credentials during 2016 in the finance sector alone.

Informatica announced the latest version of its data security platform, Secure@Source. The platform`s new ‘detect and protect` functions will allow organizations to automatically discover where sensitive data resides and follow it, as well as applying multi-factor analytics to detect anomalous behavior. It will also help them to orchestrate remediation in response to a potential breach, helping to ensure that defense is quick and accurate.


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Leaders Roundtable


Battling Security Fatigue – Working Towards Usable Security



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Technology and Marketing

By some estimates, only about 20% of community FIs are active BI (business intelligence) users. Perhaps this is the case because big data analytics can be challenging when trying to make sense of customer demographics, the products and services they utilize and account balances and transaction histories - not to mention additional third party data that can be added to the analysis mix. Fortunately, BI packages are coming down to price and becoming easier to configure and use. Backed by solid business analytics and with the Marketing Department's help, customer-facing employees should be able to offer the right product/service at the right price, to the right person, at the right time.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design

According to Kaspersky Lab, 2016 saw a big increase in financial phishing and banking malware. Just over 17% of those attacked with banking malware were corporate users, while victims were seen most often in Russia, Germany, Japan, India, Vietnam and the US. Zbot remained the most widespread banking malware family (44% of attacked users), with the Gozi family coming it second at 17%.

Capital One`s Alexa Skill is arguably the most popular and sophisticated financial skill for the popular Amazon device. The skill allows you to make credit card payments, inquire about account balances, as well as get a snapshot of how much and where you are spending.


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Internet Access

Google is reportedly enhancing their Hangouts instant messaging and video calling service with a new offering dubbed Meet that will support high-definition video meetings with up to 30 participants. The service should be integrated with G Suite, so people can join meetings from both Google Calendar and Gmail. G Suite Enterprise users will also be able to obtain a dial-in phone number, so people can connect to a call with a standard phone.

CenturyLink and VMware are partnering to deepen the level of software-defined data center (SDDC) technologies available to mid-sized to large organizations. Customers will be able to use VMware's technologies with CenturyLink's portfolio of network, managed hosting and cloud solutions. CenturyLink's ElasticBox application management framework includes adaptors for VMware vCenter, vCloud Director and vCloud Air.


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Call Centers

Amazon Web Services is developing a suite of cloud-based tools to sell to contact centers that will help them manage their operations. The package is based on technology that they developed for their own retail contact centers. Some reports contend that the platform will incorporate Amazon`s digital assistant Alexa to answer some questions on the phone as well as via text message, plus the service will also employ Lex, a chatbot building service that uses the same deep-learning technology as Alexa, and text-to-speech program Polly.


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