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May 22, 2017


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Report Forecasts Growth in Global ATM Deployments Through 2021

ATM Marketplace


95% of ATM Swipes Use COBOL: Who Will Maintain It?

The New Stack


ATM Malware Attacks: Head Them off at the BIOS

ATM Marketplace


ATMs/Kiosks Sponsored by
Heritage Industries


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Wireless World


Mark Cuban Backs Mobile App to Help People Avoid Overdraft Fees

Business Insider


Trulioo Allows Users to Take Selfie to Compare to Physical ID



AT&T Outlines Business, Residential Tests of 5G for 2017, Including Fixed and Mobile Versions

Fierce Wireless


Jabra Evolve 75 Shuts Out Office Noise



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Security Section


Insider and Third-Party Access Ranks as Top Cyber Threats

Dark Reading


Versive Detects Advanced Cyber Campaigns Automatically with Advanced AI

Dark Reading


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Leaders Roundtable


Battling Security Fatigue – Working Towards Usable Security


Easy Solutions -
Read Josh Schleicher's comments:




Onbase by Hyland Software -
Read Steve Comer's comments:


LookingGlass Cyber Solutions -
Read A.J. Shipley's comments:


Millennial Vision -
Read Scott Cowan's comments:


NetWatcher -
Read Scott B. Suhy's comments:


Network Bix USA
Network Box -  
Read Pierluigi Stella's comments:


Nintex -
Read Mike Fitzmaurice's comments:


Security Compliance Associates -
Read Jim Brahm's comments:


SentinelOne -
Read Jeremiah Grossman's comments:


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Technology and Marketing


How to Download and Install Microsoft Power BI Desktop

Tech Republic


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Deloitte's Blockchain-Powered KYC-as-a-Service Solution



Global Card Usage

Nilson Report


Virtual Assistant for Home Loan Applications Integrated with IBM Watson



What's Behind the Swarm of Standalone Card-Control Apps?

Bank Innovation


Credit, Debit Card Fraud Alerts up 15% Since 2015


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Internet Access


Sprint to Differentiate SD-WAN Offering with Hybrid Approach, Diverse Broadband Options

Fierce Telecom


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Call Centers


Chatbots to Spell the End of Call Centers?

Fintech Innovation


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