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September 18, 2017


Hardware News


March Networks Announces HD Analog Video Recording Solution

March Networks introduced a new tribrid video recording platform able to support high-definition (HD) analog video in addition to all-IP and standard analog video channels. The new 8724 V Tribrid NVR delivers modular support and power for up to 24 video channels, including HD Analog in a single integrated recorder.



The next Big Thing in Hard Disks May Be Glass

New materials are needed for higher densities, and a Japanese firm thinks it has the solution: glass substrates. Hoya said it believes the 3.5-inch HDDs will shift from aluminum substrates because glass is more rigid than aluminum, smoother and flatter, all of which makes it possible to put more platters in the drive enclosure.



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Software Updates


How Network Automation Can Speed Deployments and Improve Security

In this article, VMware shops discuss the benefits of network automation for security and management. Network virtualization enables the creation of networks in software, abstracted from the underlying physical hardware. IT can provision networks quickly, with network and security services attached to workloads using a policy-driven approach.



NEW REPORT: Tapping APIs to Open New Financial Frontiers

The latest edition of the B2B API Tracker examines how APIs are helping both FIs and smaller businesses partner with FinTech companies and embark on new ventures in new markets.



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Americans More Willing than Others to Pay ATM Fees

Americans and Australians are using ATMs less than they did two years ago, while British adults are the biggest and most frequent users of the machines that debuted 50 years ago in their country. But Americans are more willing than their English-speaking compatriots to pay ATM fees. The majority of respondents in all three countries use ATMs solely for cash withdrawals: 66% in Australia, 62% in the U.S., and 54% in the U.K. Younger adults, however, tend to use ATMs for more services.



BS/2 Updates ATMeye.iQ ATM Software

Banking technology provider BS/2 has released a new version of its ATMeye.iQ security monitoring software for self-service devices. The system update enables ATMeye.iQ 2.0 for the WildFly 9.02 application server. The solution also works with PostgreSQL and the commonly used MS SQL database — connectivity that makes the system 20 times more productive and allows its use in more than 14,000 networked ATMs, according to the company.



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Wireless World


3 Ways iPhone X Could Transform Mobile Banking

The recent introduction of the uber-expensive iPhone X — one of three smartphone models Apple unveiled — offers hints that another disruption may be approaching. This article looks at three ways banking could be transformed — again — and how you might take advantage.



The Future of the Financial WorkStation Is Mobile, Says Samsung

Do financial services employees really need a desktop computer anymore? Samsung says, no.  The company recently demoed a solution that allows a user to move from a mobile to a desktop, using a Samsung S8 and its “DeX” station.



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Security Section


SonicWall, SentinelOne Partner for SMB Network and Endpoint Protection

The two companies will deliver automated breach detection, prevention, and remediation to the small to medium-sized business segment.



Fujitsu Biometrics-as-a-Service

Fujitsu provides pay per use, plug-n-play biometric-enabled solutions that help enable support for more than 50 biometric devices while instantaneously responding to different types of modalities.



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Leaders Roundtable

Online and Mobile Banking:

Removing Friction from the Digital Experience


IMM -  
Read Michael Ball's comments:


Javelin Strategy & Research -
Read Mark Schwanhausser's comments:


Kony -
Read Antonio Sanchez's comments:


StrategyCorps -
Read Dave DeFazio's comments:


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Technology and Marketing


Samsung Is Working with FIs to Roll out Retail Pop-Ups

Samsung has been working with branches for five years, now they are working on expanding their retail presence to pop-ups. They note that pop-ups are one way to reach younger consustomers who are less likely to come into fixed branches.



Are Tiny Pop-up Branches Banking's Brick-and-Mortar Future?

Branches built out of shipping containers that measure 160 square feet could be the next stage in the banking industry's evolution of retail delivery. This article looks at how some institutions are experimenting with these bite-sized branch designs.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Will Apple's Face ID Be a Boon for Video Banking?

Apple just introduced the iPhone X, and as pundits predicted, it does away with Touch ID in favor of Face ID, a biometric authentication system based on the user’s face. The accuracy of Face ID is supposed to reduce false positives to 1 in a million compared with 1 in 50,000 for Touch ID. Touch ID is widely used by FIs for authentication, so this change will leave some scrambling. 



Vantiv Debuts a Debit Card-Based Settlement Service

Merchants that process with Vantiv will have a new option to receive their settlements within minutes in the FastAccess Funding program the processor and program partner Visa announced.



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Internet Access


Comcast Business Launches Software Defined Wide Area Networking Service

Comcast Business has launched its ActiveCore software defined networking platform in a bid to land more customers. The ActiveCore SDN platform is delivered off of Comcast's cable network and Comcast Business plans to use its ActiveCore SDN platform to enable enterprises to manage the network across multiple locations, data centers and branch officers.



MPLS or IPsec VPN: Which Is the Best?

Should you ditch your expensive MPLS Wide Area Network and replace it with an IPsec VPN over giant fiber Internet circuits at each site?



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Call Centers


5 Things Your Agents Can Say to Dissolve Caller Frustration Immediately

By 2020, the consumer experience your agents deliver will become your key brand differentiator – overtaking price and product. Are your agents ready to provide globally differentiating service?



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