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July 23, 2018

Bank tech-trends Newsletter

July 23, 2018 - July 27, 2018
Bank tech-trends
Your source for the latest technology information of interest to banks across America.

Upcoming Featured Webinars

Three Key Risk Assessments in Your ERM Program: ERM, IT, and Internal Controls

This webinar will first take you through a basic review of what is ERM and the basic steps to develop strong Risk Assessments to address key areas of your bank. Then the presenter will specifically focus on three key Risk Assessments you must have as critical components of your ERM Program: the Enterprise Risk Management Risk Assessment, Information Technology Risk Assessment, and the Internal Controls Risk Assessment. You will walk away with practical tools and examples you can implement in your bank immediately.

This webinar is for participants who have a basic foundational knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management and are looking for specific examples on how to complete these three important Risk Assessments.

Covered Topics:

Part I:
* ERM quick overview of key definitions
* Three Key Phases of ERM and how Risk Assessments fit in
* The Risk Assessment Process
* Annual Risk Assessments recommended and Areas Assessed
* ERM Risk Assessment Matrix – Will complete an example of several of the major risks

Part II:
* Information Technology areas that need to be assessed
* Information Technology Risk Assessment
- Definitions
- Categories Included
* Complete example of the IT Risk Assessment using Template

Part III:
* Internal Controls Risk Assessment
- List of Areas Assessed
- Categories included
* Complete example of several Areas Assessed using Internal Controls Risk Assessment Template

Who Should Attend: This informative session is designed for Risk Managers, Chief Risk Officers, Compliance Officers, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Credit Officer, Internal Auditors, and the entire risk management team. Also, Board Directors who want to learn more about ERM and Risk Assessments, and Bank Presidents involved in the risk management process and their ERM program.

Speaker: Marci Malzahn is the president and founder of Malzahn Strategic, a consultancy focused on strategic planning, enterprise risk management, and talent management. Marci has 23 years of banking experience in all operations areas: finance, IT, compliance, internal audit, deposit/loan operations, office management, risk management, and HR. Marci is the recipient of a number of professional awards, is a published author of three books, and an international bilingual public speaker, speaking frequently at finance conferences and associations. Marci holds a B.A. in business management from Bethel University and is a graduate of the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, WI.

Date: Tuesday, August 14th, from 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm Central

Costs: $265 plus 2.5 CE Credits

To Register:


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Hardware News


Powering Artificial Intelligence: The Explosion of New AI Hardware Accelerators

AI’s rapid evolution is producing an explosion in new types of hardware accelerators for machine learning and deep learning. Among these new AI-optimized chipset architectures—in addition to new generations of GPUs—are neural network processing units (NNPUs), field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), and various related approaches that go by the collective name of neurosynaptic architectures.



Lenovo Offers Secure AMD Ryzen-Powered ThinkPads

The ThinkPad E485 and E585 are the first business-class notebooks powered by AMD's new Ryzen CPUs. Lenovo's E Series ThinkPads are generally considered the budget line, but more enterprise features are available in the A285 and A485 models for sale later this year. Both the E485 and E585 feature a discrete Trusted Platform Module (dTPM) 2.0 chip, which works together with Windows 10 Pro Bitlocker to offer data encryption.


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Software Updates


How to Speed up Cyberattack Recovery with Critical Event Management

A unified response to cyberattacks and other emergencies can limit damage and greatly improve the recovery process. The Critical Event Management method is one approach to handling these incidents. This article provides a list of the activities CEM architectures should employ to be effective.



How to Get Real Value from Big Data in the Cloud

The author recommends that every organization have a completed data plan before their data is consolidated in the cloud. This means having a clear and detailed set of use cases for the data (including purpose and value), as well as a list of tools and technologies (such as machine learning and data analytics) that will be used to get the business value out of the data.


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A Visa-Sponsored Report Lays out the Costs of a Cash-Based Economy

“Digital Payments and the Global Informal Economy,” prepared by the international research firm A.T. Kearney and commissioned by Visa, argues that converting legal cash transactions to digital brings off-the-books payments into the mainstream economy, creating benefits not just for merchants and consumers but for entire economies. In the United States alone, where this so-called informal economy totals almost $1.5 trillion, or 8% of GDP, that same increase in digital payments could drive up GDP by $206 billion, according to the report.



8 Benefits of Video Monitoring for ATMs

The author outlines 8 benefits of ATM video monitoring: 1) Settlement of disputes; 2) Data comparison; 3) More effective response; 4) Information about criminals; 5) Centralized system of video surveillance; 6) Recognition and use of images; 7) Prevention of threats; and 8) Increased ATM user loyalty.



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Wireless World


Wirecard Partners Mastercard for Wearable Payments Push

Wirecard and Mastercard announced that they are to expand their existing strategic cooperation with the aim of making digital, contactless payments via wearables accessible to ever more consumers.


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Security Section


Review: Predictively Locking down Security with Balbix

Technically, the Balbix program is a vulnerability manager, but it’s able to analyze each kind of vulnerable asset sitting on a network, what kind of data it holds, how many users interact with it, whether or not it’s public-facing, and other factors to determine its importance to an organization. It then compares each vulnerability with active threat feeds, and predicts the likelihood of a breach in the near future, as well as the loss or harm to the organization should it be successfully exploited.


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Technology and Marketing


Taking Personalization to the Ultimate Level

The author contends that all FIs must grapple with this central problem – creating an engaging and ongoing consumer experience in what is an ‘occasional sales’ industry. This means putting in place technology which can personalize and contextualize the consumer experience by aggregating, analyzing and mining huge volumes of data, structured and unstructured, in real-time.


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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Socure Identity Verification Bot Helps Secure Online Financial Transactions

Socure announced Aida (Authentic Identity Agent) which they claim is the first and only purpose-built bot for establishing trust in online transactions. Aida uses artificial intelligence to process billions of multi-dimensional online and offline data points per second to help validate the authenticity of digital identities in real-time.



Checks Still Reign in U.S. Business Payments, but Electronic Methods Close Behind

In the U.S., 76% of respondents said they use checks, followed by mobile payments, used by 75%; virtual cards and accounts, 73%, and traditional automated clearing house, also 73%, according to a survey commissioned by fleet-fueling and corporate-payments provider WEX Inc. Plus some 50% of U.S. respondents have implemented an electronic-payables initiative while another 37% are getting one underway.



myGini App Launches Payment Installment Options for Credit Card Issuers

myGini, the San Francisco-based FinTech provider for the banking and payments sector, announced the launch of a credit card payment installment facility as part of its integrated myGini payment and loyalty engine aimed at U.S community FIs. The new payment installment capability enables card issuers to offer consumers attractive and flexible app-based installment options for purchases on credit cards based on card type, consumer behavior, purchase thresholds or retailer type.


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Internet Access


Google Flips Switch on Chrome's Newest Defensive Technology

Google has switched on a defensive technology in Chrome that will make it much more difficult for Spectra-like attacks to steal information such as log-on credentials. Called "Site Isolation," the new security technology has a decade-long history. But most recently it's been cited as a shield to guard against threats posed by Spectre, the processor vulnerability sniffed out by Google's own engineers more than year ago.



Free Training Courses on DDoS Protection, from Introduction to Mitigation

The DDoS Protection Bootcamp claims to be the first online portal to provide in-depth technical training in the field of DDoS protection. This quiz-based training course, available at both the Basic and Advanced levels, is comprised of eight sections on topics ranging from DDoS attack types to business risks and mitigation techniques. Each section is followed by a quiz whose level of difficulty depends on the course level. More than just testing your knowledge and giving you a score, the quiz also gives you a complete explanation of the right answer.


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Call Centers


Tackling the Challenges of Small Contact Centers

Small centers are, in some way, far more challenging to manage than large environments. Workload tends to be proportionally more volatile, making workforce optimization inherently challenging. This article outlines some steps you can take to help create exceptional results in your small contact center.


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