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March 25, 2019

Hardware News


Future of Payments Will Be Largely Invisible with Connected Devices

The most convenient payment system is one where a consumer doesn’t even have to do anything. This article claims that the third wave of digital commerce is connected commerce, which is about harnessing the intelligence of IoT devices and sensors to complete purchases. Whether it is a car, a refrigerator or a smartwatch, the payment can be initiated and completed by a sensor/machine with little or no intervention by the user.



HPE Says Containers, Kubernetes Are Limited Without New Storage Approaches

The common wisdom is that containers and the container management framework Kubernetes will be transformative. A hurdle remains, however, and that hurdle is storage. According to HPE, this new and vastly more efficient world of microservices is at risk if storage architectures are not developed that match the efficiency, speed, scale and agility of other elements of the microservices paradigm.



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Software Updates


How Rumpus Aims to Modernize Enterprise Video Conferencing

Rumpus, new the video conferencing solution from Oblong Industries, allows users to share desktop and webcam streams simultaneously. The solution is designed around the idea of multi-stream collaboration for remote teams. Users can stream their webcam and desktop concurrently, while other participants can interact with streamed content using their own pointer—giving the ability to highlight or annotate streamed content visually without interrupting the speaker, improving the flow of meetings.



4 Ways Fintech Has Changed the Lending Process

Here are four ways fintech has changed the lending process and how traditional FIs and lenders can keep up: 1. They introduced alternative lending models; 2. They offer fast approvals and funding; 3. They’re making use of data; and 4. They offer perks and savings.



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How ATMs Affect How We Pay for Things

In a recent working paper by the Atlanta Fed, researcher Oz Shy found that the minimum amount you’re allowed to withdraw from an ATM in particular — which is generally $20 — has a “strong effect on consumer payment choice.” Hence, when a consumer is faced with a bill that’s below $20, they’d generally opt to pay cash, the study argued. But if the bill came up to $21, they’d use their card.



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Wireless World


5G Wireless Will Boost Employee Productivity, Consumer Experience

Six out of ten medium and large enterprises are already undertaking a strategic review of 5G wireless, according to a new survey about the coming high-speed cellular communication standard. More than 80% of the 265 key decision-makers surveyed believe 5G will increase employee productivity, reduce costs, enhance the consumer experience, and improve business agility.



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Security Section


Fidelis Cybersecurity Releases New Platform

Fidelis Cybersecurity announced the latest release of the Fidelis Elevate platform. This unified platform helps address the challenges that security professionals face when hunting for threats via traditional methods such as logs, events, and alerts.



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Technology and Marketing


Making the Most of Your Data Analytics Budget

The industries making the largest investments in business analytics tools are banking, discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, professional services, and government. Two of the fastest growing technology categories will be cognitive/artificial intelligence (AI) software platforms (37% CAGR) and non-relational analytic data stores (30%), according to IDC.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Omnichannel Banking: Essential Capability? or Unrealistic Fantasy?

According to research by McKinsey, people use more than one channel to complete a task upwards of half of the time. So how could anyone argue omnichannel is a bad thing? Why the pushback? Speaking with omnichannel naysayers and critics, three themes emerge: 1. Omnichannel is too focused on upgrading the existing way of doing things - FIs need to expedite their evolution into truly digital-first enterprises; 2. It diverts attention from more important matters; and 3. Given current systems, the sheer complexity presents a high hurdle.



The Future of Tokens Will Extend Beyond Payments

As more and more companies adopt tokens as a proxy for the primary account number and other sensitive payment data, the day is fast approaching when the utility of the technology will move beyond the payments box, according to CyberSource, an e-commerce services provider. They also note that a data element called the Payment Account Reference, or PAR, could be used as an overarching data identifier for a consumer’s card account to find the correct underlying primary account number. It’s a tool that could minimize card declines when a card is updated.



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Internet Access


Ways to Monitor Encrypted Network Traffic for Malicious Activity

Encrypted network traffic presents trade-offs, for example it makes network traffic less transparent to your own security people and monitoring systems. However, you can inspect traffic at the endpoints where encryption and decryption are performed, and you can learn a lot just from network traffic metadata, the information in the headers that tell the network where the packet came from and is supposed to go to.



Infovista Enhances SD-WAN with Application Intelligence and Cloud-Native Orchestration

Infovista's Ipanema SD-WAN with cloud-native management and control of applications combines session-based routing and dynamic path selection of the underlay network with an overlay of application visibility and control of the quality of experience for business-critical applications. Additionally, Ipanema automatically understands application delivery requirements and maintains application quality of experience by using machine learning techniques. It distinguishes between the applications and their flows at the user session level, and it associates and enforces business policies.



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Call Centers


TRUSTID Issues 2019 ‘State of Call Center Authentication’ Report

TRUSTID, a Neustar company, just released its second annual report on the state of call center authentication, and it they suggest that as criminals’ tools and tactics change, call centers are increasingly looking to new technologies that will enable them to quickly and accurately authenticate calls and prevent fraud. The report elaborates on a few insights: 1) Call centers are now the vector of choice for criminal attacks, according to 51 percent of respondents from the financial services industry; 2) Virtualized calls pose the greatest account takeover threat; 3) Pre-answer caller authentication is emerging as a preferred choice; and 4) Easy consumer enrollment remains call centers’ top requirement.



Robots Will Not Take Over Contact Center Jobs

Human customer support agents, embrace the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to assist them in performing their jobs, according to a recent report from Salesforce Research, with 70% of customer support agents saying they believe "automating routine tasks would allow them to focus on higher value work." The report indicates that 56% of service organizations are investigating ways to use AI in work processes. Presently, only 24% of customer service teams use AI, though 34% indicate plans to use AI within 18 months.



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