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November 11, 2019

Hardware News


HPE Boosts Storage, Hyperconvergence Products with AI

HPE has beefed up its SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) platform and its Primera storage system to include AI capabilities and composability features from HPE Synergy and HPE Composable Rack. HPE defines a composable infrastructure as one that abstracts compute, storage, and networking resources from their physical locations and can be managed by software through a web-based interface. The idea is to make data center resources as readily available as cloud services and is the foundation for private and hybrid cloud solutions.



SK Hynix Offers an SSD That's Ready for Your Off-the-Rack Data Center Servers

SK hynix has been around since 1983, starting out as Hyundai Electric Industry, then shifting to SK Hynix Semiconductors in 2001, and finally making the move to SK hynix in 2012. Their new Gold S31 SSD SATA drive runs around $120 and has an average read rate of 555.7 MB/s, with an average access time of 0.04 msec.



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Software Updates


5 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Encryption Key Management System

One of the biggest hurdles in implementing robust encryption is encryption key management. Encryption keys, like the data they protect, have a lifecycle. The author is convinced that these are the five factors that you should consider when choosing a Key Management solution: 1) Key Storage; 2) Key rotation and destruction; 3) Key generation granularity; 4) Automation; and 5) Easy to use interface.



Cloud Native Core Banking Enables Consumers to Personalize What They Buy

Thought Machine clams that their cloud-based core banking system, known as Vault, can now offer millions of different varieties of financial products. It can be done by the accountholders themselves once they are approved on Thought Machine’s platform, using an app known as Vault Rare. For example, they can use Vault Rare to make realtime changes to things like mortgage repayment periods, take loan repayment breaks and even release funds from a mortgage.



Money 20/20: AI Is Now a Must-Have in Financial Services

This article states that artificial intelligence is so much more than an experiment for FIs: it is a true competitive differentiator that can help them deliver hyper-personalized experiences, improve decision-making and boost operational efficiency. It notes that financial crime is one of the hottest use cases for AI right now.



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ATM Network Pulse Deploys FICO's Fraud Management Software

Houston-based ATM network Pulse announced that it recently adopted FICO's Falcon fraud management software to deliver fraud-detection services to its more than 4,100 debit issuers. The new case management functionality assists issuers in reducing costs by enabling them to more accurately manage groups of compromised cards, as well as allowing or restricting transactions for individual or multiple accounts.



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Wireless World


Using NFC to Let Visitors Check In

Spain’s CaixaBank has unveiled ‘all in one’, a 3,000sqm bank branch in Barcelona that showcases NFC check-ins and facial recognition ATMs. They have designed a self check-in system with NFC: branch visitors need only touch their mobile phone to a device located at the entrance of ‘all in one’ so that the system can identify them. Afterwards, the assigned adviser will receive them.



Should Feature Overload Really Be a Concern with Mobile Banking?

A recent J.D. Power report found that “bank mobile app satisfaction declines as complex features stump consumers.” The report suggested that mobile bankers were challenged in completely understanding all mobile banking features but that when they understand them, they are more satisfied. The author of this article suggests that the real lesson from this report is that new features should be added judiciously and with simplicity and great user interface features, along with some good promotional and educational content for helping to understand the value of the new features.



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Security Section


Microsoft Intune Can Now Block Unauthorized BYOD Hardware

Microsoft has integrated third-party mobile threat defense (MTD) software with its Intune unified endpoint management (UEM) platform, enabling corporate systems to detect when an employee's unenrolled, smartphone or tablet has an app potentially infected by malware. The new Intune capability is particularly useful for organizations with bring-your-own device (BYOD) policies in that it can block access to enterprise systems on devices flagged by the MTD software.



VMware Rolls out New Carbon Black Security Suite and Dell Partnership

Dell, which owns the majority shares of VMware, is making Carbon Black its preferred endpoint security solution. VMware also unveiled VMware Workspace Security, which melds VMware tools with Carbon Black products to provide a suite of security tools to help make things easier for customers.



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Technology and Marketing


As Rates Drop, Four Deposit Growth-Strategies

This article contends that the dour savings rate outlook requires a shift in strategy. Rather than focus directly on rates, shift your strategy to other marketing tactics - four of which are highlighted in this article.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Mastercard Launches Payment on Delivery Driving Real-Time Payments Adoption

Mastercard has unveiled Payment on Delivery, a new solution allowing businesses to pay a supplier in real-time when receiving goods or services. With Payment on Delivery, suppliers receive instant access to funds and rich information associated with the transaction, leading to better insights into cash flow. Both buyers and suppliers can improve operational efficiency through easy reconciliation and can eliminate any risk that comes from carrying or storing cash or checks.



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Internet Access


Cisco Powers up Meraki Go Cloud Suite for Small Businesses

Cisco Meraki, Cisco's cloud-managed IT platform, just announced the launch of Meraki Go, which includes network switches and a security gateway. Meraki Go was designed to help small- and medium-sized organizations that don't have large IT teams tap into more advanced networking solutions. In addition to the network switches and security gateway, Meraki Go also includes an optional security subscription that's provisioned through Cisco's Umbrella security technology as well as WiFi access points.



IBM Launches Financial-Services Ready Public Cloud

IBM has launched a public cloud platform designed specifically to meet FI requirements for regulatory compliance, security and resiliency. The platform will offer a means for FIs and their tech suppliers to run key applications and workloads in a purpose-built compliant cloud.



Microsoft Certifies 5 SD-WAN Vendors to Deliver Office 365

Microsoft certified five networking vendors to deliver Office 365 networking in a way that minimizes latency and maximizes performance in accordance with Microsoft’s guidelines. The first five services in its Office 365 Networking Partner Program are Citrix SD-WAN; NTT Communications SD-WAN service; Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect; NetFoundry Network-as-a-Service; and ZScaler Internet Access.



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Call Centers


Four Must-Have Writing Skills for Contact Center Agents

Good writing skills are critical for contact center agents - first came email, then came chat, then social media, then SMS. The author suggests that these are the four writing skills agents will need in coming years: 1) The ability – and willingness – to contribute to stored knowledge sources; 2) The maturity to use tools that check spelling, punctuation, and grammar; 3) The mental focus to create a through-line in omnichannel conversations; and 4) The ability to express sincere empathy.



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