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September 9, 2019

Hardware News


Video Banking Helps Extend Services to New Locations

According to RBR’s Teller Automation and Branch Transformation 2019 report, which covers 23 key global markets, a number of FIs are turning to video banking technology to extend their services, in particular to serve people living in rural areas. It enables them to offer a wider variety of transactions and assistance remotely, addressing the needs of consumers in areas where full-service branches cannot be profitably located.



HPE's Vision for the Intelligent Edge

HPE's next generation of switches and apps, starting with a switching line the company introduced a little over a year ago, the Core Switch 8400 series, puts the the ability to monitor, manage and automate right at the heart of the network itself. The company also notes that AI and AI operations are going to be at the heart of how their vision of network manageability and automation is going to be realized.



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Software Updates


It's Time for Cloud Management with Automated Fixes

The author sees a demand that those charged with managing clouds be given the tools not only to find issues with applications, databases, and other cloud-based production processing, but also to automate most simple fixes without bothering humans. He goes on to point out how automated fixes could be possible.



Top Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Providers: Amazon, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware, and More

Desktop-as-a-service adoption lags behind on-premise VDI, but the popularity of cloud-hosted desktops is growing. This article takes a look at the top DaaS providers and their services.



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NCR Introduces a New Cash Recycling ATMs: The NCR SelfServ 63

NCR debuted the SelfServ 63 which is a small-footprint, cash recycling ATM. The SelfServ 63 is built on NCR’s second-generation cash recycling technology. Deliveries of new recycling ATMs to US FIs more than doubled in 2018 and this trend is expected to continue.



Fiserv Introduces Self-Service Biometric Branch Kiosk

Fiserv has introduced the Interactive Branch Kiosk that gives consumers the ability to conduct transactions within the branch lobby, drive-thru and other physical touchpoints. The interactive branch kiosk, which integrates with the Verifast palm vein identification system, allows consumers to check balances and make payments on loans, withdraw cash against credit cards or debit cards, authenticate over-limit cash withdrawals, make money transfers and complete other advanced transactions typically done at the teller line.



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Wireless World


AT&T Fastest Mobile Network in the US, but US Only Ranks 38th Worldwide

AT&T was named "Best US Network" by Global Wireless Solutions, but the US fell to 38th in a ranking of mobile networks worldwide, according to Ookla. The 2019 Nationwide Test of Mobile Networks found that AT&T has the fastest download speeds, data reliability, video streaming and voice call accessibility and retainability, though Verizon outperformed AT&T on upload speeds, while T-Mobile leads on voice quality.



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Security Section


How AI Is Being Put to Work in Email Security Services and Products

The author argues that no one has built an email security service or product that is 100% effective, but artificial intelligence may get us closer than we have ever been before. One AI-based technique involves using AI to make visual comparisons between legitimate sites and suspected phishing sites.



Darktrace Cyber AI Analyst Investigates Threats at Machine Speed

Darktrace announced the launch of the Cyber AI Analyst, a technology that emulates human thought processes to continuously investigate cyber-threats at machine speed. Using various forms of machine learning, including unsupervised, supervised, and deep learning, the company says that their technology learned human intuition and trade craft from more than 100 cyber analysts across thousands of customer deployments.



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Technology and Marketing


The Honest Truth About Online Marketing for FIs

The author states that there is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' marketing strategy in today's day and age. She goes on to cover a few ways that FIs can be improve their online marketing.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


More than 40 Central Banks Are Testing Blockchain Technology

More than 40 central banks worldwide are experimenting with blockchain technology, says a report by the World Economic Forum. The report analyzes how different central banks are either examining what blockchain can be used for or are outright experimenting with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). They are are exploring blockchain technology with an eye to potentially issue a digital currency in the future.



What Are the Benefits of Being Born in the Cloud?

An increasing number of challenger banks, neobanks and digital offshoots are being born in the cloud and the technology is now being used by traditional FIs and new players alike for all IT needs. The cloud allows them to focus on solving accountholder problems rather than worrying about provisioning infrastructure. The article goes on to list many cloud advanatages.



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Internet Access


VMware Touts Hyperscale SD-WAN

VMware is teaming up with Dell/EMC to offer a hardware/software package rolled up into a managed SD-WAN service. The package includes VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud software available as a subscription coupled with appliances available in multiple configurations capable of handling 10Mbps to 10Gbps of traffic, depending on customer need.



ThousandEyes' Internet-Aware Synthetic Monitoring Solution Detects Modern App Performance Issues

ThousandEyes announced ThousandEyes Synthetics, an Internet-aware synthetic monitoring solution for proactive detection of modern application performance issues. The software visually correlates application performance to underlying infrastructure and Internet delivery performance in a single, shareable dashboard to help with root cause identification and collaborative issue remediation.



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Call Centers


Use Voiceprints to Personalize - and Secure - Call Center Interactions

In this article PYMNTS examines how contact centers are using technologies like AI, biometrics and multifactor authentication (MFA) to keep callers satisfied and, most importantly, safe.



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