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July 18, 2022

Hardware News


World’s First Wi-Fi 7 Router Hits the Market

H3C has released what it claims is the first Wi-Fi 7 router on the market, well in advance of the standard becoming final, which isn't expected to happen before 2024. The H3C Magic BE18000 uses the same 802.11be wireless protocols that are being designed for use as Wi-Fi 7. H3C said that the BE18000 can operate in the 6GHz band and offers a peak throughput of 18,443Mbps, using the newly widened 320MHz channels designed for use with Wi-Fi 7.



Juniper Adds a Switch

Juniper has introduced a new EX4100 Series switch. It is a 1U, 376Gbps capacity device and comes in 24 and 48 port configurations. It offers MACsec AES256 encryption, as well as flow-based telemetry to detect and mitigate security threats.



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Software Updates


Google Password Manager Is Upgraded

Google has rolled out a significant batch of updates for its password manager service. With this release, users are set for a more unified password management experience that's the same across Google Chrome and Android. Further, if you have multiple passwords for the same sites or apps, Google will automatically group them, and users will also be able to create a shortcut on their Android home screen to access their passwords with a single tap. Google has also rolled out a fresh set of protections around password security.



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Hyosung America Opening App Store

Hyosung America announced that DigitalMint, a cash-to-cryptocurrency provider, has signed a partnership agreement with Hyosung America to add DigitalMint services to its soon-to-be-launched API-based app store. With the app store, any ATM operator using their retail software platform can subscribe and download apps such as DigitalMint, to enable their ATMs to do more.



Software Is Optimizing the ATM

RBR’s recent study, Global ATM Market and Forecasts to 2027, states that with ATM numbers in decline in many countries, deployers require their remaining machines to be as efficient and profitable as possible. Software that allows ATMs to be managed and updated remotely is therefore increasingly common, minimizing time-consuming and costly callouts. The RBR study found that monitoring software is now used for virtually all ATMs worldwide. Proprietary solutions are most common, while third-party providers tend to be ATM manufacturers.



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Wireless World


Fixed Wireless Customers Give High NPS Scores to the Service

Fixed wireless is rapidly becoming available to a vast majority of Americans. Despite having slower speeds than other technologies right now, fixed wireless has higher NPS (Net Promoter Score) scores for web browsing, streaming audio and streaming video, which are successively more difficult to solve technical challenges. The bottom line is that many providers — wireless-only providers, landline providers, and cable providers — are embracing fixed wireless as it gets the job done today and customers like it.



Mobile Convergence Accelerates as 'Tap to Pay' Dings US Retail

Apple's Tap to Pay lets retailers accept payments using an iPhone XS or newer from iPhones, contactless cards, and digital wallets from any provider choosing to support the system. With the software in place, iPhones can become payment terminals with no additional hardware. Adyen is one of the first payments firm to adopt the service, while Square, Stripe, Chase, Clover, GoDaddy, North American Bancard, and Worldpay all plan to follow suit, Apple says.



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Security Section


Core Security by HelpSystems Introduces New Ransomware Simulator

Core Security by HelpSystems announced the addition of ransomware simulation to its penetration testing solution, Core Impact. Using an automated Rapid Pen Test, Core Impact users can now efficiently simulate a ransomware attack.



Deloitte Zero Trust Access Helps Protect Sensitive Data

Deloitte is launching a new managed service – Zero Trust Access – that offers a cloud-native approach to securing communications between users, on any device, and enterprise applications, wherever they may reside. The Zero Trust concept commits to removing implicit trust within an information technology (IT) ecosystem and replacing it with a risk-based approach to accessing organizational resources across identities, workloads, data, networks and devices. The managed service is available standalone, integrated with other Deloitte offerings, or as part of a broader solution leveraging technologies from Deloitte’s alliances ecosystem.



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Technology and Marketing


A 360-Degree View Is Key for Hyper-Personalized Results

For many FIs, a number of data management-related issues currently stand in their way of creating a 360-degree view of accountholders. Along with access delays, there are other issues such as getting it in the right format and turning the data into actionable insights. This article explores some ways to solve these data challenges.



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Online Banking/E-Commerce/Website Design


Central Banks Face Key Decisions on Digital Currency

Central banks will have to make "fundamental" decisions on cross-border access for a digital version of their currency to serve as a means of payment effectively, according to a committee at the Bank for International Settlements. "Central banks must make critical choices on the access of non-residents and foreign financial institutions to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), as well as ensuring multinational interoperability, to fully harness the potential for CBDCs to enhance cross-border payments," the BIS committee said in a statement.



Web3 Is the Future of Payments

Web3 payments allow money to be exchanged without the need for centralized intermediary companies, in line with the ideas of privacy and democratization. In theory, money can be sent easily, quickly, and anonymously. The exchange is peer-to-peer, meaning that no middle man is required to complete the payment, and removing the need for the infrastructure of big technology companies. The author is bullish on Web3 payments and goes on to provide some real world examples of Web3 payments in action.



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Digital Banking Industry Leaders Forum

Thought Leadership From Around the Industry by BANK tech-trends and Finopotamus:

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Internet Access


AWS Announces Cloud WAN Availability with Cisco in Tow

Amazon Web Services (AWS) just announced the general availability of AWS Cloud WAN, its managed WAN service that can connect site-to-site, site-to-cloud, and inter-region workloads in AWS. The cloud platform can now integrate with software vendors including Aruba, Aviatrix, Checkpoint, Cisco, Prosimo, and VMware. Cisco reiterated plans to integrate its SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp for Multicloud with AWS, which allows enterprises to deploy a secure SD-WAN fabric over an AWS Cloud WAN backbone. The capabilities include automation to integrate SD-WAN policies with AWS cloud-native constructs, better security through the ability to integrate AWS Cloud WAN’s built-in network segmentation with Cisco’s SD-WAN to provide end-to-end segmentation, and observability for the SD-WAN overlay and AWS Cloud WAN underlay in the vManage portal.



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Call Centers


5 Big Mistakes Trainers Make When Onboarding New Agents

Without a doubt, training new contact center agents is challenging. The author says that you can create a more effective contact center training program by avoiding these five common onboarding mistakes: #1: Not coordinating what supervisors need with the training curriculum; #2: Focusing on what reps should “know”; #3: Including details in PowerPoint slides; #4: Training and coaching don’t align; and #5: Not teaching reps how to be self-sufficient learners.



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